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Favorite from Pinterest:

I found this  terrific resource on Pinterest this week (are you following my pins yet? You should be.) for anyone looking to provide support for a loved-one. The bloggers at  Positively Splendid offers free downloads of these beautifully designed, ready-to-use mini-book pages.  

Just print and assemble the cute little 30-page book of encouragement.  What a great way to let a spouse or child know that you are there for them during a tough time!  I think I will make one for a loved one this weekend…


Favorite from Twitter:

My favorite twitter quote this week comes from @ParentingJenny.

 It is an ancient chinese prover that goes like this:  “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  the second best time is now.”  The lesson: Don’t be afraid to start over.

Favorite Blog post:

My favorite post this week is from Success – a post titled “Boost Your Mood: 23 Ways to Up Your Love of Life.”  This article is filled with tips and tricks from experts in the field of happiness like Professor Gregg Steinberg, Get Happy Now! author Joseph McClendon, and psycholgist Melanie Greenberg all designed to help you live a happier life.  

Check it out and learn what sitting up straight has to do with enjoying your life. Just reading the post will change your outlook and brighten your day…just a click and you are already on your way to upping your love of life!



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