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Well, it’s Friday again.  And I’ve been searching for great stuff to bring you.  Here’s what I’ve found:


Favorite Resource for Kids:

We all know that kids and books are made for each other.  But, during the summer it can be challenging to get them together.  This site provides a great resource! The parenting experts at Family Fun have put together The 25 Best Books Summer Books for Kids.  It’s even broken down by age group.  I’ve always been partial to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt myself. Make sure you give this great site a look.  It’s worth it… and so are you’re little ones!


Favorite News Story: 

Summertime can be tough for children with autism.  Specialized camps can help.  But, the economy is in the toilet and programs get cut.  Unless you happen to harness the power of dedicated MOMS.  This story from The Columbian warmed my heart and reminded me of how much we really can impact our world when we put our heart into it.  These moms did what they thought was impossible.  They went above and beyond to make sure their children had the resources they need.  We should all take a lesson from their example.  

Favorite Blog Post:

My favorite post this week comes from one of my favorite blogs, The Gottman Relationship Blog.  The Gottman Institute has been  a leader in couples research for 40 years.  Their blog provides couples  with practical, research-based tools to strengthen and repair relationships. And this week’s blog is a great tie-in to Wednesday’s post on couples communication.  The great folks at Gottman share another technique – Building Love Maps.  This is a wonderful way to build the connection between the two of you.  While you are on the site, be sure to look around at all the other information available.  Be sure to let me know what you think!

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