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Unmanaged anger can wreak havoc both in your relationships and in your body.  Follow this step-by-step guide to throw some ice water on that hot head of yours.  

Part 1: Cause and Effect

The  four steps in part one are aimed at helping you take a good look at your anger response.  Make sure you take the time to complete this process – skipping it will set you up to fail in part two.  You are also gathering information that will form the basis of your individual anger management plan in part three.

  1. Anger Journal:  The first step in solving a problem is understanding it.  Use the Basic Anger Journal form for a few days to keep a record of what sets you off. 
  2. Identify Triggers:  Review the information collected in your anger journal to dig out common triggers – what sets your blood boiling? Use the Anger Hierarchy to list your most potent anger triggers.
  3. Measure the Cost:  Move on to the Cause and Effect Journal page and start recording the outcome of your angry outbursts.  What is anger costing you – respect from others?  Self respect? Job advancement?  Relationships?
  4. Learn about the physical costs of anger by completing the Anger: What it is and What it Does handout.

In Part Two we will begin to learn healthier, more effective ways of responding to anger-inducing triggers.  

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