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Learn about irrational thoughtsIrrational thoughts.  

We all have them.  We KNOW they aren’t true when we actually stop to examine them.  

But they sure FEEL true in our gut. And they  impact how we act.  

Unless we take the time to deal with them.  

Here’s some help with just that!  

Jump in wherever you’d like.

What are You Thinking?

Learn more about the most common irrational beliefs.  This is a great exercise to help you get the most out of the remaining posts.  Definitely worth your time!

BELIEFS INVENTORY: If you would like a more scientific and objective assessment of you own irrational thinking, take a few minutes to complete this assessment tool. 

The 10 most common Irrational Beliefs: 

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Why Can’t I be Loved?!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: You mean I’m NOT Perfect?!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Judge, Jury, Executioner, at your Service! 

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: My Way or the Highway!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: It’s All YOUR fault!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: But it COULD happen!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Playing while the Ship goes Down

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Just little ole ME?!!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: I will NEVER get over that!

Refuting Irrational Beliefs: I can’t help how I feel! (coming soon)



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